About me

Clearly, I love a bit of data and a good graph! I think that using data effectively in education has incredible potential to drive improvement. With this in mind, I have been developing a PowerBI app at Wellington College Shanghai where I am currently Assistant Head in the Senior School.

Prior to joining Wellington as a founding member of staff in 2014, I worked at Exeter School in Devon. I’m a geography teacher by trade and am passionate about inspiring our pupils to understand how the world works and what actions they could take to make an impact.

My data journey started as Head of Geography and Head of Humanities. I had a vision that we could tie all the data we have about our pupils together to enable better analysis to take place. I was frustrated that we recorded lots of assessment data but often it didn’t transfer from year to year and that conducting any analysis was cumbersome.

My first forays into producing a data app was by using QlikSense. It was a pretty steep learning curve but it provided the foundations in understanding how to construct the data model. Then PowerBI became available in China and with it’s integration with the other Microsoft tools the move from Qlik began.

The basics of PowerBI are pretty easy, but developing a thorough app that I’m working towards at Wellington has been a labour of love. I’ve learnt a huge amount in this process of trial and error and I hope to share some of those lessons in this blog as well as how this data can be used as a tool to ask questions and ultimately lead to better outcomes, in all respects, for the pupils that we teach.

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